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Why Use HDPE Bottles ?

Posted by Admin on April, 22, 2020

We all know about polyester, polypropylene and silicones and all other types of plastics but HDPE or high-density polyethene plastic is providing several different favours recently. They are not just versatile plastic but can be used on everything starting from hard hats to house wraps that are widely recycled in both flexible and rigid form.

The first production was in the 1930s in the form of fits in the UK. The production of HDPE took off in the 1950s in the US and had great popularity. Today it is one of the widely used plastic. They are even used to make bottles to use them as a container. Pesticides and other such products can also be stored in these jars or bottles. You can get them from the best pesticides HDPE bottle suppliers and use them.

Reasons For Its Popularity
Here are some reasons why they are so popular.
• They are lightweight but super strong. That is why they are used to store milk, pesticides and other such products. Many carmakers also used HDPE to make fuel tanks which makes the car parts weigh lighter and increase fuel efficiency.
• It is weather-resistant and long-lasting. So it can be used for years without getting a scratch.
• It resists mildew, mould, inserting and rotting so they can be used as underground pipes and even store things for long and the product will not be damaged even after years.
• They are malleable and can be turned into any shape that you like.

Like other plastics, HDPE is also a great thing to replace materials that are heavier because many companies in our society are trying g to pursue sustainable goals by reducing the number of materials that are used in products and packaging. HDPE is lightweight and strong and can translate less impact on the environment.

They Are Recyclable
If you flip over a bottle of HDPE you will probably get a number two imprinted on the chasing arrow. This is the sign for the HDPE resin identification code. This code was first used decades ago to help get the plastics recycled off the ground. Back in the 1990s, the collective effort took place when the recycling of plastic grew. Thus, HDPE bottle was recycled as well in huge amount and we use for several purposes. The Recycled HDPE is found versatile and pure and can be used again and again as it doesn’t break down easily.

Therefore, the use of HDPE bottles is great if you want to save your money. You can use one bottle again and again and can lower down the production cost considerably. Also, the lightweight nature as mentioned above makes it ideally suited for the packaging.

No matter you are selling shampoo, detergent, oil or any household product, it is the best thing to store the products and also environment friendly. It does less harm to the environment as it can be used for recycling purpose.

If you have a pesticide company choose HDPE bottles to store. Get the best pesticide HDPE bottle supplier and use it for your packaging purposes.

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